“Book a Room, Lend a Hand” is the 3rd and final project under the 2016 Sharecation series of Hotel H2O.  Geared towards the elderly of Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc., the initiative to raise funds for their needs formally started last September 1, 2016 and concluded March 31, 2017.  As soon as the promo period ended, the Sales and Marketing Team of Hotel H2O gathered the necessary items required, and scheduled April 10, 2017 as the day of visit and turnover of goods and cash.

Led by Hotel H2O General Manager, Mr. Van Kam Weng, the VPs, Department Heads and staff of Hotel H2O headed to Rodriguez, Rizal onboard Buenavista Travel N’ Tours Transport bus.  Boy, was it a loooong ride.  Roads could be too narrow,  which would make it impossible for a 50-seater bus to brave through.  But, a really kind trike driver patiently showed us the way, and in a few minutes time, we found our way to the entrance of this establishment that we’ve been waiting to see for 7 months.   (Thank you, Manong!)

The team had an orientation, basically to know when to talk and when to shut our mouths; what to say and what not; how to act and approach our elderly.  Alas, old age causes more sensitive nerves, literally and figuratively, thus, we really have to be vigilant with our words and actions.  Afterwards, we proceeded to the area we, thinking inwardly, dubbed as “Donated by Ms. Ai Ai Dela Alas”.  Mark and Aya, engaging as program hosts, regaled everyone with one liners. Games and performances (singing and dancing!) ensued, and Hotel H2O employees gamely interacted with the lolos and the lolas.  We shared a sumptuous lunch buffet, catered by Ivy-Chris Bakeshop and Catering Services, and it is apparent that everyone was having a great time. I, an old soul, can’t help feeling nostalgic, especially after hearing the songs and stories of yesteryears.  

Finally, we had to wrap up, and with heavy hearts, had to bid farewell.  Once again, we made people smile, and its because of YOU, our hotel guests, who booked and purchased the SHARECATION package of Hotel H2O, aware and willing to experience fun and luxury for a good cause.

Hotel H2O is located behind Quirino Grandstand, and one of the few hotels near US Embassy.  Belonging to the list of best hotels in Manila, Hotel H2O is the first and the only marine-themed hotel in the Philippines.  Hotel H2O rates are easily accessible via, book now!

Sharecation is the new Staycation Hotel H2O – a life event destination